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: at the commander in chief's ball jennifer hudson sang "let's stay together" mrs. obama chose jason wu yet again to design her inaugural gown. the obama's appeared at the inaugural ball where 30,000 people were expected to attend. this inaugural ball follows on a tradition started in 2009 to open up these once exclusive events to everyday americans, a ticket costs as little as $60 and got people access to an amazing line-up of entertainment. ♪ obama's on fire >> reporter: alicia keys tweaked a rendition of her popular song. ♪ how are you this evening >> reporter: brad paisley brought the country. ♪ music is a world within itself, it's a language we all understand ♪ >> reporter: and stevie wonder brought down the house, while jamie foxx serenaded the bidens. ♪ i can't stop loving you >> reporter: there was also a special performance by mexico's hottest rock band. i'm here with mena, winners of multiple grammys and multiple latin grammys. alex you have supported president obama in his re-election this year, so many hispanic-americans came out for him. why do you think that happened? >> w
. this is kind of the obama coalition, this is the new power in this country, of this coming together. >> i think we'll hear from far east movement. they played a role in the campaign, as well, if you will remember. >> far east movement was a hip-hop band that really gained a huge amount of grass roots, organic support for the president with a fantastic video called "for all". >> you see the nationals baseball team, the former -- late president, shall we say? >> this is the tradition at the nationals baseball game, to fill in our viewers. a big deal about this. teddy roosevelt, he never wins this race, always falls. but he did win in late last year, so that was a very big deal in washington, just to update you on what we're looking at. >> he did, but the nationals didn't. >> that is absolutely right. so hillary, we want you to tell us the story about the teen band, "mindless behavior." you said they first performed at the white house as a fill-in band. >> yes, they are teenagers, young african-american boys, created by a producer looking for a band. they came to the white house last year, not ver
college map that president obama and vice president biden put together in the november election. i'm with gloria borger and david gergen. jessica yellin. from our vantage point, i can see a half dozen marching bands still lined up and there are still a few around the corner. fasten your seat belts, warm the coffee, and consider the moment. david, i want to start with you it you've worked, served in four white houses, democrats and republicans. four of our last five presidents have enjoyed this moment, a second term. you saw the president up on the capitol steps. saying, wait a second, this is the last time i'm going to see this. he seems to be in a mood not necessarily known as a deeply introspective guy, but seems to be in the mood to soak this in. >> he sure does. and with good reason. this is a day that the president, the vice president, their families, are obviously very happy, but they should be very proud. and it's been, it's a happy city tonight, i must say. i think that's the mood here. they originally were expecting maybe 600,000, 800,000. smaller than last time. one offic
. >> congratulations, mr. president. ♪ he's walking on fire obama's on fire ♪ ♪ ♪ let's stay together whether times are good or bad happy or sad ♪ ♪ i can't stop wanting you it's useless to say ♪ ♪ so i'll just live my life in dreams of yesterday ♪ ♪ ♪ >> nice mix of music and moment, that's for sure. we'll be right back after this. >>> "world news >>> so you might have noticed that we tend to have a little bit of fun around here, and we're off the mark quite often, right? >> and you may have heard, but today is our friend and colleague paula faris' last day anchoring this beloved little program here. as we say goodbye to paula this morning, as always, a look back. everybody, welcome paula faris to "world news now"! >> wow, thank you. >> a little 1-900 action going on. >> going for the raspy voice. like it? >> welcome to 1-900 "world news now." you don't have a pet. do you? >> just you, honey. how do we get out of that without getting into trouble? >> and she's done. although it took some time, it was worth the wait to see this little squirrel in action. >> that was -- >> awesome. >>
i believe is that stake that has drawn so many cultures, races, genders together and that, again, is the mark of a phenomenal leader. >> that was student president of clark atlanta university, tyler joshua green. >>> presidents obama and lincoln. were both men destined for great grateness? my next guest, deepak chopra, says the time you were born could determine your destiny. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you don't have to be a golf pro to walk like one. ♪ when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's the same as walking a professional golf course. humana. health and well-being partner of the pga tour. humana. see lioutdoors, or in.ight. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... o
of the unknown soldier there before "taps" was played and then the obamas, michelle and barack obama going together to the african methodist emiss malcall church to celebrate martin luther king's anniversary -- the martin luther king holiday, of course, tomorrow in this church. it's historic in this country. 175 years old, the church s.then, of course, was the formal and official swearing in. that happened just shy of noon. it's the constitution, of course, craig that mandates this must happen before noon on january the 20. this is only the seventh time in american history that january the 20th fell on a sunday. that's why we did it today. we will then, of course, do it again tomorrow. tomorrow is really for show, and for the hundreds of thousands who gather here. a whole lot of ceremonies taking place tomorrow. frankly the president begins his day again going to st. john's church, just a short walk from here, the little yellow church a short distance away. they will go for that public swearing-in, the inaugural address and right back here as they sit front and center at the -- at the para
. in essence, chief justice john roberts and president obama will have worked together on the swearing in four times, even though the president -- four years ago, i had a muffled, and they redid it at the white house. the next call comes from arlington, texas. caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the fact that the state will go down in history as our greatest signal of socialism. it is a sad day. thank you. host: back live picture you're seeing on your screen right now -- that is taken from the capitol itself, looking down at the mall, and you can see how the crowds are already developing around the different goals and different areas, standing areas, that are available on the national mall. there is a camera up at the top of the washington monument. that is being shared by all the networks, and it is looking down on the white house. that is a camera from the top of the washington monument. looking down, you can see several limousines sitting up there on the south side of the white house. this map is in "the washington post" -- it shows all the events in a 3-d topographical court. here
and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. >> our washington correspondent was there. you were at the inauguration. obama had quite a big wish list. take us through it. >> well, it is not really a wish list. inaugural speeches are not the place for a wish list. but you can read between the lines. i would sum it up with two words, unity and equality. a message to republicans meaning let's work together for a cnge to try to make things better in america, especially economically speaking and also for the budget. now equality is something that rsonates very well with his voters. not just about gender and race equality but equality for immigrants. he talked about that quite a lot. that is the point that might translate into serious political action. as we all know the latina community is affected by immigration and they helped to re-elect barack obama. major project coming up there. the last point that is important for us europeans, he talked about climate change. he signaled he is willing to take action in this field. the first term he did not do that. maybe change is coming in the
. congratulations, mr. president. >> brown: this was the fourth time the chief justice and done this together. in 2009 they had to re-do the oath at the white house after roberts stumbled over some of the words in the public ceremony and president obama was officially sworn in for his second term yesterday in a private ceremony at the white house to meet the constitutional requirement that the oath be taken on january 20. today the president began his second inaugural address with a nod to the country's founding doctrines. >> each time we gather to inaugurate a president, we bear witness to the enduring strength of our constitution. we affirm the promise of our democracy. we recall that what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names. what makes us exceptional, what makes us american is our allegiance to an idea articulated in a declaration made more than two centuries ago: we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. ( cheers and applause ) that they are endowed by their creator with certain unal
, happy or sad, yeah. whether times are good or bad, happy or sad, yeah. together >> jennifer, jennifer hudson, serenading president obama and first lady michelle obama as they danced tonight at the official inaugural ball, and the first lady wearing a custom-made ring by jewelry designer kim mcdonald, shoes designed by jimmy choo. at the end of the inaugural festivities, the accompanying accessories will go to the national archive. archives. "first look" is up next. >>> good tuesday morning. some of the best and most memorable moments from president obama's second inauguration. >>> england's prince harry speaks out on his family, killing taliban insurgents and those naked pictures. >>> and nasty weather hitting much of the country straight ahead on "first look." >>> good morning. as washington catches its collective breath from the pomp and pageanpageantry, this morni questions about the debt ceiling, gun control and how to get congress to work together. we'll get to that. but last night it was all about celebrating the second term of the 44th president of the united states of america.
are good or bad, happy or sad, yeah. together >> jennifer, jennifer hudson, serenading president obama and first lady michelle obama as they danced tonight at the official inaugural ball, and the first lady wearing a custom-made ring by jewelry designer kim mcdonald, shoes designed by jimmy choo. at the end of the inaugural festivities, the accompanying accessories will go to the national archive. but you are going to stay here, because the second inaugural ball continues through the night. now it is time for lawrence o'donnell with "the last word." thank you for joining us, thank you for staying with us. >> on this, our 28th observance, we held the inauguration of the president. >> welcome to the capitol and to this celebration of our great democracy. >> after a divided first four years, he starts anew. >> i, barak hussein obama, do solemnly swear. >> the celebration, the tradition, is really important. >> an inaugural is obviously history. >> there is a strong theme of civil rights. >> america's possibilities are limitless. it is now our generation's task to carry on. >> this speech
the product ofs randomness than that of baracks obama. >> guest: is the whole world coming together accidentally in honolulu hawaii. a father who's destined to come there from kenya because he readsb a story in the saturday evening posted describes thesci university of hawaii is a great place because ofun its diversity and a mother who gets there because she has a father who ha this wanderlust and is nevernv satisfied wherever he he is in and set them selling furniture. the meat in a russian class but here comes barack obama whowh emerges as a whole global random existence of his own until he u becomes president of united states. >> host: where did their lives begin in kansas? >> guest: well, in a countyny called butler counties where obama's grandmother grew up in grandfather madeleine kaine and -- done him but i start theh story in topeka. stanley's parents live there for a short time. his father the president's great-grandfather was an auto repairman upa there and the great-grandmother got married ad age 15 and had a very difficult marriage in the book begins with her suicide in
grounded around the world last week after problems with their batterers. >>> and at president obama's inauguration today security will be extremely tight. 42 different agencies will be working together, not only watching for threats and emergencies but also monitoring traffic accidents and water main breaks. john miller reports. >> during president obama's first inauguration there was a threat taken so seriously that counterterrorist agents seemed to be everywhere in the area. people were taken into custody and taken lie detector tests. in the end the tip turned out to be young but the young administration on its very first day, a picture of what can go on behind the scenes of major event. for this inauguration some of the security is meant to be obvious. the coast guard will shut down the potomac river, but some of the security is meant to be nearly invisible. at union station, two men who could have been waiting for a train were actually dhs behavioral detection officers who blend in with the crowd, training to look for suspicious behaviorer among passengers,
of the united states! >> reporter: president obama says he is putting together his plan to reduce gun violence. >> members of congress i think are going to have to have a debate and examine their own conscience. >> reporter: the president's plan will be based on recommendations from event vomit's task force. likely proposals include mental health back ground checks, longer percent son sentences for gun traffickers and -- traffickers and more information on violent videogames. the president also wants a ban on assault rifles but many gun rights advocates are opposed. >> the people who want to get them to do evil things are not going to be deterred by a ban. >> reporter: the president is facing opposition from the nra and lawmakers here on capitol hill even top democrats don't believe an assault weapons ban can pass through congress. the president says if congress cannot pass federal legislation, he may go it alone and use an exec tv order. >> if there is a step we can take that will save even one child from what happened in newtown, we should take tha
chief justice john roberts mr. obama outlined a wish-list of progressive policies and programs for the next four years and called for collective action to put them in practice. >> obama: now more than ever we must do these things together as one nation and one people. we the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it. we believe that america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class. we must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of healthcare and the size of our deficit. but we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. we will respond to the threat of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations we will defend our people and uphold our values through the strength of arms and rule of law. we the people, declare today that the most evident of truths that all of us are created equal equal, is the star t
♪ ♪ oh, oh got his head in the crowds and he's not breaking down ♪ ♪ he's walking on fire obama's on fire ♪ watch him as he's lighting up the night ♪ ♪ everybody knows the mission is his girl ♪ ♪ together they run the world ♪ burn baby burn baby ♪ obama's on fire ♪ ♪ he's walking on fire ♪ obama's on fire ♪ whoo oh whoo oh whoo oh whoo oh ♪ ♪ whoo whoo oh whoo oh whoo ♪ whoo oh whoo oh whoo ♪ he's president and he's on fire ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for having me tonight. at this incredible presidential inaugural celebration. to the obamas! >> all right. you heard alicia keys. >> by the way, how good was that? >> that might have been the best free concert in the world. >> the fact we could hear that live and she looked stunning in that dress. >> beautiful dress, amazing voice. >> she really has it all together. >> knockout. >> we have a couple of special guests. >> alicia keys! >> she's getting a round of applause from me. >> by the way, just to give everyone a sense, there's already thousands of people h
to set aside our political differences. that's some of the unfinished business of president obama's first term. >> the main part of the unfinished business of his first term had to do with the divisions in this country. he said he was going to bring the country together, and unify the country. but as we sit here today -- and this is what makes the difference between the first and the second term. the first term is always about hope. the second term is hard work. it's like the difference between each of the two campaigns. it's a huge thing you see the difference in, the president, last time, when he took the inauguration, had a 68% approval rating on inauguration day. today, he has 52%. and there's a section of the country that does not want him, even though they're going to celebrate today as part of the history, they still don't want him as president of the united states. >> you mentioned the 52% approval rating. that was the same approval rating that your former boss, george w. bush, had on his inauguration day. >> by the time august and katrina happened, the end of his presidency start
. or as the vice president put it -- >> i want you to know something else about this guy barack obama. he is just getting started. >> tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. it is inauguration day. we are checking on the area roads. 36 on 295 because of an earlier accident at powder mill road. there was an overturned a vehicle. it is starting to get a little better. you may want to consider 95 as your alternate. those delays continued down towards powder mill road. we'll keep a close eye on the error roads down towards the d.c. region. 55 on the west side of the beltway. 54 on the j.f.x. no problems on 95 out of the northeast. seven minutes from the split down to the fort mchenry. 895 in great shape. the area bridges running smoothly. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we have some cloud cover this morning. things are about to change in the atmosphere. jessamy high, thin clouds cutting across the area --just some high, thin clouds. we are watching a clipper storm coming o
. and everybody wants to know about the obamas came out and they danced to jennifer hudson singing al green's "let's stay together" he when the bidens come here the last stop of the night, they'll dance to actor jamie foxx, he'll be singing ray charles' "i can't stop loving you" and that's the last event and then the obamas and bidens will head back to their respective residences after a long day, greta. >> greta: molly, thank you. and we're going to go back to wisconsin. wisconsin governor scott walker. governor, this has been 36 hours of celebration in the city and inauguration and we do this every four years and everybody will be back to business tomorrow morning. i'm curious, how do you characterize the state of the republican party? >> well, i think it's a lot of soul searching going on. some people right after the election suggested somehow that republicans could change their core principles, aim not one of those. i think the core principles we stand for is strong. and 30-some states that have republican governors, but i do think it's important that we have a message that describes more rele
. reporting live in oakland, noelle walker, ktvu news. >>> now to our continuing coverage of president obama's second inauguration. after the speech making the president and first lady celebrated tonight after two official balls. here they dance as jennifer hudson sings the al green song let's stay together. >> ♪ >> for the second inauguration, president oe baa -- obama decided to have just two inauguration balls instead of the 10 from his first term. ken pritchett join us and tells us what the president said as he began his second term. >> reporter: the president was officially sworn in yesterday. today's swearing in was a ceremonial event. a public swearing in before by one estimate perhaps more than 1 million people. on a relatively mild and blue sky day president obama and the first lady took the traditional walk down pennsylvania avenue to the white house and to her second term. some waits houred. >> i breathe the air that obama breathes so it was worth it. >> reporter: the president took the oath of office just after noon today before a crowd that filled the national mall as far as
, ktvu news. >>> now to our continuing coverage of president obama's second inauguration. after the speech making the president and first lady celebrated tonight after two official balls. here they dance as jennifer hudson sings the al green song let's stay together. >> ♪ >> for the second inauguration, president oe baa -- obama decided to have just two inauguration balls instead of the 10 from his first term. ken pritchett join us and tells us what the president said as he began his second term. >> reporter: the president was officially sworn in yesterday. today's swearing in was a ceremonial event. a public swearing in before by one estimate perhaps more than 1 million people. on a relatively mild and blue sky day president obama and the first lady took the traditional walk down pennsylvania avenue to the white house and to her second term. some waits houred. >> i breathe the air that obama breathes so it was worth it. >> reporter: the president took the oath of office just after noon today before a crowd that filled the national mall as far as the eye could see. mr.obama s
. yesterday with the top congress alleaders at his inaugural luncheon president obama called for working together. >> i recognize that democracy is not always easy, and i recognize there are profound differences in this room, but i just want to say thank you for your service, and i want to thank your families for their service, because regardless of our political persuasions and perspectives, i know that all of us serve because we believe that we can make america for future generations. >> reporter: first challenge will be that debt ceiling vote tomorrow the first of many fiscal issues to be tackled in this new term. >> reporter: let the games begin. mike emanuel, thank you very much. what is the likelihood of a senate budget resolution. coming up minutes from now we'll speak to one senator who filed a balanced budget amendment today, republican senator mike lee of utah joins us. jon: an extreme weather alert for you with a nor easter on the way to the northeast that could bring maybe a foot of snow or more to some spots, as arctic air grips a big chunk of the country sending temperature
and protestant and jewish and all together. [children chanting] [applause] >> i, barack obama, do solemnly swear. >> this weekend presidential inauguration as president obama begins his second term. the official swearing-in ceremony at the right house shortly before noon eastern. it begins with a look back at the president's inaugural address in 2009. other inaugural festivities including the capital luncheon in the parade will start at and be covered on monday on c-span. join the conversation on facebook and facebook.com/c-span and on twitter. >> next, scientific and government health officials discussed the economic impact of drought. researchers say that climate change will affect the magnitude and severity of future droughts. this is one hour. >> we now have had two very international events, one international and domestic. we are now going to move to a time that moves somewhat more slow, the issue of drought. we had a situation where we begin about one fifth of the situation of drought. by september, three fifths of the united states was in a situation of drought. from crops failed. estimat
began this long journey together. we would not be here without your help. that means so much to joe.nd jill.-- h joe and i are thrilled. i know you feel the same way, to have barack obama as our president for another four years. [applause] and michelle as first lady. [applause] i may be a little biased, but i cannot think of a better man than my husband to help our president lead our country for the next four years. [applause] as long as he has the privilege of serving this nation, i know that joe will keep fighting for american people every day. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming my husband, our vice president, joe biden. [applause] >> hello. i am joe biden, husband, and i am delighted to be with you all here. let me begin with the simplest of statements. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. you are the only reason that we are here. thank you for support, thank you for being here, and most of all, thank you for believing in us. ladies and gentlemen, i have been honored to serve as vice president. but i have been especially honored to serve as barack obama's vi
-mails and tweets. >> host: david maraniss, you write in "barack obama: the story" that no life could have been or more the product of randomness than that of barack obama. >> guest: well, it's the whole world coming together accidentally in 1960. a father who happens to come there from kenya pause he reads a story in the saturday evening post that describes the university of hawaii as a great place because of its diversity and a mother or who gets there because she has a father who has this wanderlust, is never satisfied wherever he is, and he ends up in hawaii selling furniture. and then they meet in a russian class, and can here comes barack obama who emerges as a whole global random existence of his own until he becomes president of the united states. >> host: where did their lives begin in kansas? >> guest: well, in a county called butler county is where obama's grandmother grew up and grandfather. madeleine payne and stanley dunham, but i start the story in topeka which is the state capital because stanley's parents lived there for a short time. his father, the president's great grandfath
it all together than most of these tickets -- >> and it felt natural. it felt like this is obama's coalition. you had beyonce and jay-z who were friends of the president. john legend was there. it was sort of an american tapestry but it wasn't forced. >> i agree with that. let's look at our popular culture now. i mean, beyonce is somebody who tron sends racial identification -- >> that's a pop star. >> she's just a star and she looked like the face of -- to me she looked like the face of america. >> right. >> ft. we're luckif we're lucky. >> she's beautiful, talent, rate yant, she exuded confidence and it was like she was saying this is what america looks like, isn't that a great thing? and i think -- as jonathan said, it is in the american grain. this is who we are, and it's -- it looked like a wonderful thing today. >> did everybody see the movie "places in the heart," sally field's movie? nobody ever sees movies. it was a great movie. at the end of the film there was a scene where you think the movie is over and it has an extra scene and all of a sudden you realize everybody i
will see is it so long as we seized it together -- seize it so long as we seize it together. host: president obama, sworn in yesterday, promising to change the tax code, immigration laws, and act on climate change. good morning, everyone. we will spend the first part of this morning's "washington journal" on yesterday's inaugural address. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for republicans, 202-585-3881. for independents, 202-585-3882. also, send us a tweet, twitter.com/c-spanwj. post your comments on facebook, or you can e-mail us. journal@c-span.org. let me begin this morning, this is "the wall street journal," had line. "obama vows aggressive agenda." "he is looking beyond the fiscal battle set to dominate the coming weeks." and then a side story, an analysis. "the president is set to fight over a new to do list." "the inauguration was not only grayer, he sounded less like a man ready for lofty flights and more ready for ground battles." and then here is "the washington post," this morning. there had lyme, "we must act." -- there had line, "we must act -- their headline, "we must act.
compared to 1.8 million people in 2009. so what was mrs. obama going to wear? she didn't disappoint in a navy code in dress by an up-and-coming men's designer joined by their daughters together they sang, they listen to and prayed as vice president joe biden and then president barack obama took their oaths to serve the nation for four more years if flawless performance except for one minor flub, his speech lasted 19 minutes into covered everything from equal rights to economic recovery climate change to the message of martin luther king jr. on a day that the nation celebrates the birth of the civil-rights leader. >> tahir a preacher say we cannot walk alone the challenges ahead are enormous and the president admitted that his work would be imperfect. we must act that knowing that today's victories will be only partial grammy winner kelly clarkson giving the ceremony in central hollywood. followed by the friend of the president beyonce with her rendition of the national anthem a performance to remember. it all ended with a 21 gun salute before special guests attended a formal lunch
as the art teacher. so her children put this together to say congratulations to barack obama. >> you didn't come last time? >> no, i didn't. the day after the election and i was on my computer and i said if you don't go now you are never going to go. i made the reservations and called her and told her she was going. >> let me see what her response was since you got her the job she was going to go to this. tell us your name. >> my name is christine davidson. >> and your mom hooked me up. >> she's one of the best moms in the whole wide world tchlt she said do you want to come to washington? >> i mean do you see to go see barack obama? of course i want to come to washington. i don't have any money. she said don't worry about it. >> that's very nice. >> she's a good person. >> why is it important for you to be here? >> i am. with my mom and the kids i teach. it's important they know this is something they have to pay attention to and really respect. we had a mock election when it happened and everything voted for barack obama then. this is the reason why we are all here and can be here today.
ago, president obama struck a bipartisan note, called for a new coming together, but it didn't happen. one reason it didn't happen was a note that -- that you ran earlier in the piece of footage, where the president said, i'm here because we have chosen hope over fear, unity over conflict and discourse. that was dismissing his political opponent as a candidate of fear this. mind-set of, you know, us versus them, rather than us altogether as colored a lot of the last four years and left the president in a precarious point. this is the other point i would make, take a look at the gallup job approval at the start of a second term. dwight eisenhower, 73, reagan and clinton, 72, george w. bush, 52, nixon 51, friday, obanna in the gallup powell, 48% job approval. the country is narrowly divided, bitterly divided in spl respects. there are big issues and the question is whether the president tries to bring people together or follows a pattern of confrontation and conflict. >> karl, on the issue of immigration, your old boss, george w. bush tried to bring people together and didn't manage to
obama now to say to the country, these are the things that will are left undone that we, together, must find a way to do >> michael, as a speechwriter first, who would you look at to kind of -- who's analogous at this point for president obama and his speechwriters to look back. just tell us, first you and then don, how do you write that sentence that gets engraved, you know know, on some granite somewhere 50 years from now? >> this is the most formal of all the speeches the president gives. you are trying for high rhetoric in a speech like this they don't all succeed. 16 second infalling in ras, not too many of them are memorable, except the most memorable in american history. >> the ones michael and i worked on. >> yes, of course. >> i do think that you can't really write for granite. you write where is this moment in the broad context of american history and the great purposes of american history? and i think the president does need to address, in a forthright manner, the profound political polarization in our society, polarization between congress and the president that produces gri
the stars. hope, a new constellation, which in for us to map its. waiting for us to name it together. [applause] >> that is my pleasure to introduce this doctor to deliver the benediction. >> let us pray. gracious and eternal god, as we conclude the second inauguration of president obama we ask for your blessings as we seek to become "citizens of a beloved community, loving you and loving our neighbors as ourselves." y you will bless us with your presence. with out bus patrons will in fact our hearts. with your blessing we know we can bay region break down the walls that separate us. we pray for your blessings. without it, mistrust will rule our hearts. with the blessing of your presence, we know we can renew the ties and mutual regard that can best for our civic life. we pray for your blessing because without it despair of those different from us will be our role of light. with your blessing we can see each other created in your image, a unit of god's grace, unprecedented, a repeatable and irreplaceable. we play -- pray for your blessing. with out it we will see only what the eye ca
. >> president obama's speech was very short on specifics. again, speaking about america's problems in general terms. >> now, more than ever, we must do these things together. as one nation and one people. >> tonight, the factor will analyze inauguration day with brit hume, bob woodward. john meacham, bernie goldberg, juan williams and mary katharine ham. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. inauguration address number 57. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first inaugural address given on april 30th, 1879 by george washington. not to the folks. washington spoke directly to congress. he appealed to the new leaders to be moral and just and he invoked god and heaven saying, quote: smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which heaven itself has ordained. unquote. george washington appealing for justice. fast forward to 2013, president obama made a similar appeal. rather than focusing on america's vexing problems like
with -- >> she's key to the family holding everybody together. good to see them all together. >> michelle obama's mother there. >> our special inauguratio >>> good morning. sunshine in spots, clouds in other spots. we have a much more comfortable inauguration day than four years. right now, 35 in town. 3234 in the bay. we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds today. by lunchtime, 40 with a high of 44. arctic front comes late this afternoon this evening with snow showers, highs tomorrow, wednesday and thursday only in the i have never encountered such a burning sensation... until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story visit shinglesinfo.com i'm jennifer hudson. i hate getting up in the morning. i love bread. i love cheese. did i say i love chocolate? i'm human! and the new weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good isn't because i never go out and enjoy the ext
. what's on tap for "the young turks" tonight. >> cenk: president obama seems like he's going to put strong legislation together on gun control. of course republicans are saying perhaps it's time for impeachment. here we go again. these guys are unreal. but the president's proposals seem encouraging. what is not encouraging is federal prosecutors going after people who are doing something perfectly legal here in california which is selling medicineal marijuana. a businessman with a wife and two kids. we'll talk to them on the show. and finally how much more do politicians make if they become a lobbyist. it's a lot more. including a guy who is not going to work for the fertilizing industry. speaking of which jennifer, what are you doing here. >> jennifer: i got to go. always such fascinating stories that you guys do. i appreciate it. we'll be watching at the top of the hour. >> cenk: thank you. >> jennifer: now a look at some of the other stories that are buzzing around "the war room." stuff that i thought was really fascinateing. fist of all, chelsey clinton is going to share the com
have chuck todd and "the daily rundown." we'll see you tomorrow. >>> capital offense. president obama puts congress on notice with his push for expanding gun regulation. can his supporters cobble together enough votes on california total hicapitol hillo get what he wants. we'll talk to stanley mcchrystal. find out what the man who led the u.s. mission in afghanistan has to say about his ouster. president obama's pentagon pick and a lot more. >>> and 2013 kicks off with another sports scandal. suddenly, a tear-jerking tragedy for one of college football's brightest stars turns into a twisted tale of lies. >>> good morning from washington, it's thursday, january 17th, 2013, this is "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. we couldn't ignore te'o. the first read of the morning. the president didn't just roll out a new set of gun proposals. he launched an emotional campaign to try to get congress to act, devoting more time lying out the need for new action on guns than the plans themselves. using every tool at his disposal to tap into public anger and grief about gun violence. in front of an
and that is the obama for america community grass roots organizers all across the country that wanted to come together to continue working for change and critical in getting key pieces of the agenda done. there is a -- there is a cry out there for some movement on gun control because the senseless violence, i think, is touching everybody. >> what i find -- what i find so baffling is the apparent power of the nra wields, for example. in the political system in america. compared to the amount of money they put in and the amount of membership they have, i don't really understand why they have such power or why so many politicians senior level are so frightened of them. >> well, look. jim comes from a state where guns are a huge issue. the truth is that it's been part of the american culture and tradition for a long time. particularly in rural areas. hunting, gun ownership, parents passing the tradition of hunting down. >> yep. >> to children. that's been part of our culture. on the other hand, we have in some of our communities real problems with violence and in chicago where i come from, we have had a t
of the politician i spoke to earlier said this is where you put politics aside and everybody gets together even if it is for 20 minutes. president barack obama is waiting for the republican swearing in ceremony -- public swearing in and of course that will be follow by the inaugural address and they are scaling things back just a little bit. reporting live, i am tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> coming up at 6:15, mayor ed lee, we will tell you what he did ahead of time to prepare. >>> and we are following overnight news coming in from san francisco, police are investigating a deadly shooting which happened at 1:00 a.m. not far from geneva -- geneva avenue. alex, i know you spoke to the mother of the victim, what did she say? >> reporter: she is earning anybody to come forward and help police and at this point they have a very vague description on that who opened fire on the two. the man killed in the shooting was 43-year-old daniel cologne a father to one son, a man who grew up in the air. relatives said the two men are were walking home from a nearby bar and he was shot in the u
at the ball tweaked a new hit song "gill -- "girl on fire." obama's on fire obama's on fire ♪ he's walking on fire >> she managed to work the first lady into the song saying she and the president together "run the world." the events are not over at 7:30 our time this morning a national prayer service will take place at the natural cathedral and tonight at 6:00 p.m. abc reports lady gaga will perform at the inaugural ball for the president and his staff. >> does she have a song so fit the obamas? >> you are asking the wrong guy. >> i have to ask you about jazz, right? >> that is right. >> it is now 6:07. next on abc7 morning news a live look outside at the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fine and mike nicco has the full accweather forecast. could showers run? we will check with sue hall in the traffic center. >> crime scene tape surrounds las vegas after a disturbing 9-1-1 call that sent first >> welcome back at 6:10. our 24 temperature change, and there are evening exceptions, napa is five degrees cooler, but everyone else is the same if not warmer. that puts us frosty around fairfield
of history, too. exclusive interview with three people that helped president obama win the second term, three of the very closest advisers. former senior adviser david axelrod, ken messina. they have never, ever sat down together for a joint interview on television until now. enjoy this. >> welcome to you all. this is a rare political event. a piece of history. the three of you have never given a joint television interview. >> i think you should go to the smithsonian as long as we're in washington. put it right in the vault there. >> it is a big day for the president. for america. but also, i think, for you three because you've been so instrumental really in getting barack obama to where he is. he is now got the luxury of a second term. what does that bring him? start with you, david. what would you love to see his legacy end up being after four more years? >> i think the legacy he's after, the legacy we're all working for is to revitalize this economy and the country in such a way that there's new vitality that american compact saying if you work hard you can get ahead. you can count on your
together. cheryl: in today's inaugural address president obama addressed the need for sustainable energy, new energy technology to power job creation in his second term. let's take a look how energy did during the president's first four years. the s&p 500 energy sector is up about 50% since the president took office. most energy commodities are up two. rbob and crude oil are leading the way. those contracts we talk about them every day on this network. over the past four years crude oil has more than doubled. it is up 23% in that time frame. rbob soared even higher, up almost 1 % since january of 2009. s. one energy commodity, you know what i'm going to say, that dipped lower is natural gas. down 25% under the president. so much of it across the country. so surprise there. as we enter into the second term have prices plateaued? our next guest says the energy sector will continue to thrive with north america only years away from energy independence. david cid do, east/west petroleum corporation joins me in a fox business exclusive. he joins me from vancouver what he sees in oil production
's worse than it has been in living memory. there's more partisanship, more gridlock. >> president obama has done some great things. he hasn't brought the two sides together. he can point fingers at republicans, but what does he lack in not delivering cohesiveness? >> i think the president has done almost as well as he could. it's a miracle that he got obama care through this congress. with the partisanship and the gridlock in this congress to get something like that done -- >> he couldn't be doing more, though? >> you could, what, do more to try to socialize with members of the opposite party, but i feel -- in kt iffact i've been there -- i go to washington too often. and there is no longer any kind of trust between the parties. there is a lot 0 of distrust and it's not easy for a president to just snap his fingers and say, okay, everybody is going to be nice to each other. the republicans have said almost nothing but no. >> what's the biggest misconception about our economy? >> is that the did he haeficit biggest problem we face. the deficit is not the biggest problem we face. the bigg
. this is the third time that the president and john roberts have gotten together to do the oath of office. you might recall that four years ago during president obama's inauguration. chief justice flubbed the words of the inauguration so out of an abundance of caution the two men got together to resay it. that was the private ceremony with just the president's family there. there will be a public swearing in tomorrow on the national mall where they are expecting a crowd that will be smaller that they had four years ago where nearly 2 million people showed up. they are expecting maybe 800,000 people to be out here. there will being the traditional parade and two inaugural balls. security is extremely tight with 13,000 military and law enforcement people who will be in the crowd. but it will be scaled back but it will still be majestic with all the pomp we are used to seeing in an inauguration. abc7 news. carolyn. >> thank you very much. our coverage of the inauguration begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of good morning america. we will also have live streaming coverage at abc7news.co
republicans need to stop the rhetoric. obama needs to stop the blaming and recognized to coming together and show true leadership. this organizing for america and organizing for action in his campaign committee has turned not for profit, is this going to educate the american people or just another liberal spin machine? >> arthel: so you said congress should do of improving the relationship. i don't know if you told me if the voice of the people will play a part in that. >> our responsibility, congress should reach out to us. president works for us. we have the right to state our grievances but we have to take control. that is the problem. we have let washington, d.c. run amok. i don't think it's up to president or congress to allow the people to more involved. congress belongs to us and white house belongs to us. more people lose jobs, i think they will face grievances. >> arthel: let's talk about some of the major issues they are facing. immigration, gun laws, we're talking about spending cuts. do you think it's possible for the president, congress, everybody to work together somehow --
and we will see that so long as we seize it together -- >> this moment, it's more than the pomp and ceremony. for while inaugurations may be full of traditions, obama taking the oath on two bibles one abraham lincolns and one martin luther king jr.'s or the 21 gun salute or the trumpets blowing fanfare, inaugurations tell us something deeper about ourselves and the president we have chosen to lead us. >> we have always understood that when times change, so must we. >> change. this time around that word means something else to barack obama. he used his second inauguration to make an saw dags claim that the coalition that elected him is the next america, the rising generation and he spoke directly to and for them. it was a new american progressivism unleashed. >> for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it. we will respond to the threat of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to w
. and he went unmistakably liberal. over and over, president obama echos his campaign slogan. >> together. together we discover. together. >> reporter: with that, he invited all americans to celebrate the changing landscape of american culture. >> we have always understood that when times change, so must we. but preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action. >> reporter: he unapologetically laid out a progressive agenda. promising discussion on climate change, fighting poverty, equal pay for women, and immigration. >> centuries-long debate about the role of government of all-time. but it does require us to act in our time. >> reporter: and for the first time ever in an inaugural address, the president specifically mentioned gay rights. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. for, if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another, must be equal, as well. >> reporter: but obama, four years ago, talked about the audacity of hope, now gives a nod to reality. reminding hi
by president obama to be serving as dnc chair. i vowed that no one would outwork us, and, together, we kept that promise and then some, didn't we? [applause] we sure did. results of that hard work speak for themselves. in the house of representatives, despite republican redistricting, we beat back the tea party in states like california, minnesota, illinois, and my home state of florida. [applause] in the senate, we picked up seats in massachusetts and indiana and won tough races in places like montana, north dakota, virginia, and missouri. of course, let's not forget the crowning achievement, something we've been celebrating all weekend long. together e -- together, we re-elected president barack obama. [applause] >> while we celebrate the victories, it's important to remember not just what we did, but how we did it. when we talk about the fact that together we built the largest, most dynamic grassroots campaign in the history of american politics, that's not just a sound bite; right? behind that statement are personal stories of millions of everyday americans, fighting for the future of t
the tradition of obama trying to bring people together. that's not been his record in office as president. but it's still the message that he adhered to in big speeches like this. >> and there's john kerry, who the president has nominated to be secretary of state. and behind john kerry was jack lew, who the president has nominated to be treasury secretary. the president has a new team that he's trying to get approved by the senate. this will be some of the first business that will be before the congress. the new treasury secretary, the new secretary of state. and, of course, confirming chuck hagel as the new secretary of defense. there's beyonce, who did such a magnificent job with the national anthem just a few moments ago. john dickerson is our cbs news political director, and he is down there with, we, the people, on the national mall. john? >> scott, normally presidents in these speeches, they take history and they bring it onstage so they can attach their agenda to it. as we've talked about, in his first speech barack obama mentioned concord, gettysburg, normandy. that history has be
-and-a-half years ago, when hillary clinton and barack obama got together with dianne feinstein, and said whatever they said to get on the same team and move the country forward. >> then she gave that great speech. >> she grave a great speech. >> at the building museum, that's right. that was a moment. >> it was not just dutiful, it was dramatic. >> that was a moment in the middle of everything that is preordained about some of the transition and ceremonial moments, there's very little room for spontaneity, and that was a moment at the event four years ago when hillary clinton made that decision and decided to go as far out there in terms of the way she was going to move forward with barack obama. that was something that was unexpected and did not need to go the way it did. it was a moment of political generosity and when it went furtherer in democratic politics, at a time that nothing else could have. >> flight the lights were on. something illuminated when she talked. i went, wow. who knows when the decision was made about the nomination for secretary of state, but the sequence was, boy, the dem
williamsburg to decide what to do moving forward, president obama facing unhappy rumbling from parts of the democratic party, what can he do to keep them together? our brain trust is here on inauguration weekend, we are paying them overtime, or special time, whatever it is. they will join us on the other side of the break. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. okay, but i just took a mortgage out on the cabinet. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. h
sides would come together and cut taxes and spending and get a g grand bargain pier that seems to be a lost opportunity. obama seems to be moving away with it -- from it. they will get into squabbles over the debt ceiling, buthey will not deal with the pblem in an essential way. >> i am reading robert carroll's latest book on lbj. it looked like jack kennedy was having the same problem with the congress. evererything was being sidetracked. >> that is true. i would say this as far as what senator obama said in 2006, consistency is the hobgoblin of small mes. but there was a different attitude. we have raised the debt ceiling 70-plus times. the congress has voted to do it. there was always a sense of we are not going to vote e to rai the other guys debt ceiling but there was always the understa that we would provide the votes in the final ananalysis. the president's party y did that. right now, what you have is a situation where the republican party is reduced to its lowest standing in the history of "the wall streeeet journal" nbc poll. the only thing that is worse is john boehn
todd. >> thank you. >>> the second time around. love is not lovelier. president obama and congress face a pessimistic nation. very negative on their ability to work together. we're going to break down the new numbers in our brand new poll this morning. congress had slightly better numbers back in the '70s when minnesota's rick nolan first got elected. then he took a hiatus for 30 years. now he's back with a lot to say about what's changed. he is sort of everything is old is new again in our meet the new members series. the white house unveils the president's official portrait for the next four years. wait until you get a closer look at the toll of the last four on him. good morning from washington. it's friday, january 18th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. our final "daily rundown" of the obama first term. right to my first reads of the morning. if 2009 was all about hope, 2013 may be about the ability to cope. so says one of our pollsters. if it is possible americans have grown more pessimistic about their leaders in washington and, worse, they think those leaders ar
the president. she is much beloved here in washington on both side of the political aisle. president obama's main theme on this second inaugural day was national unity since there's an awful lot that we can get done if americans get together. at the president's second swearing in by supreme court chief justice john roberts, hundreds of thousands jammed the national mall. president obama had his hand on bibles use d by president lincon and martin luther king. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> we, the people -- >> reporter: in his inaugural address president obama echoed themes sounded by lincoln and king. >> while freedom is a gift from god, it must be secured by his people here on earth. >> reporter: the president urged action on the deficit and global warming and keeping kids safe. >> we reject the belief america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation who will build its futu future. >> reporter: we can, he said, find a way. >> my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will see so long as we
issues, obama pushed for unity. >> my fellow americans, we're made for this moment and we'll seize it, as long as we seize it together. >> reporter: he brought attention to climate change and gay rights and equal pay for women and we heard a familiar theme from the campaign trail. >> for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it. >> reporter: no inauguration would be complete without the president and first lady walking the parade route. then more personal moments, enjoying the festivities and music from the comfort of their viewing stand. >> so lots of moments but perhaps the biggest question of all, what was michelle obama going to be wearing to the balls? turns out she wore a dress, a red long gown and that's the same designer from four years ago, jason wu. we're live in washington, back to you. >>> once again, the inaugural celebration is in full swing. this is a live picture of the commander in chief's ball. that is taking place inside the washington convention center. there are only two off
, emphasizing hard work, emphasizing self-reliance, emphasizing doing things together. i thought it was a good speech. so where did newt gingrich get the obama kool-aid over the inaugural weekend? because this does not sound like the same newt gingrich we have been hearing all through the primary and through the general. >> well, i quit a long time ago trying to predict or explain newt gingrich. let me just say broadly, i think that it was a soaring rhetorical speech but i think generally the partisan lines just got deeper, and i think that, you know, both president obama and president bush came to washington with the notion that they were going to change the culture of washington and for some similar and some different reasons, they both came to a conclusion they can't. i think that was the conclusion yesterday, president obama said he's going to dig in, wave the white flag, washington wins and politics as usual wins, which is unfortunate in some ways because i have talked to the freshman class of incoming congress folks and they campaign in an environment where people are really saying the o
-elect obama riding over together. while i think the obamas were pleasantly surprised as how smooth the transition was, how the bush administration bent over backward toes make sure there was a smooth transition of power, obama had run against bush and the bush policies and to this day talked about the bush policies and rails against them. so that was quite a ride, as well. >> erica hill is not far from where about two more turns is going to bring them past her location. they're kind of coming the back way. you saw them come out past the side of the treasury department, past the old riggs bank building, the dnc bank building. erica, we should be near you. >> yes, they are making their way near us, brian. we just saw them turn the corner to start making their way down past freedom plaza. i can see all the people in the stands, you can see them immediately. they popped up, put their phones, their ipads up, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the president as he comes by. they are making their way down, of course, towards the capital. and we are watching as they approach freedom plaza at
together, the new >> organizing for action. >> even though the o is -- a lot of people think it's the o as for obama. >> this supporter, these lists all this act assists have no long ear campaign. they're giving them to agenda. these are the kind of people who live in the districts that the president has already won. what would be more effective is to try to figure out how do we do this? >> they try angling -- and to john's point this is a question for the president and i've had a blun -- does he want to spend his time worrying about mill legacy. now i'm going spend the next four cements the my legacy. or does he use it as an opportunity to point out, you knoll real yes cement the coalition. what's interesting with his mat, this week about their capacity to ever agree him baisley on anything. he's three row. you could imagine he's reaching out to the other side. this is written about -- gwen: he only has a second room before he goes, where are we are. >> we have a year 1/2 to push immigration, gun control things that will add to his legacy. he's got to focus on ample money. he has to ma
its act together. >> greta: back in 2006 when president obama was then a senator he actually voted against raising the debt ceiling. so what has changed now? congressman jason chaffetz nice to see you. >> well, congress spending pushing and the president pushing for this? we have to stop the spending. like the alcoholic who won't give up his drink anymore, you have to slow this. >> greta: what president obama said today he's basically executing what you in congress are telling him to do. you authorize the spending and he's got to pay the bills. and so now you're saying he can't borrow the money. >> no, we've got to make sure we prioritize the payment of the 16.4 trillion dollars that this government owes, but we have to solve the problem. we don't need just the deal. we actually have to solve the problem and the way you solve that problem is it cut up the credit card and slow the spending to a point where you actually cut into the deficit and pay off the debt. >> you know what i didn't like today. i thought it was annoying, he may have to slow down social security payments if-- and
" columns. most presidents in their second term feel liberated and obama's staff has told some the national mainstream media that he too feels liberated not liberated to try to wring people together and liberated ld from partisanship. liberated to be more concentrational, more partisan. he can basically take the fight to the republicans and the conservatives and that his goal is to win the 2014 elections and return control of the house to the democrats. most second term presidents have a significantly less partisan and less confrontational attitude towards that they try to atracking poll. 49% for obama. 67% in the polls four years ago. 18 point decline from that. the way that he is operating is not designed to make him more popular and bring the country together. >> now, one of the people that is thought to be a competitor to the democrats in the next presidential election is governor chris christie of new jersey. recently the nra took out an add saying that president obama is a hypocrite because he sends his children to school protected by armed guards and that he doesn't want armed guards
of the united states -- >> reporter: together, the president and vice president also laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington national cemetery -- [ "taps" ] -- before the obamas headed to church. even before hundreds of thousands gather for tomorrow's inaugural address, the obstacles the president faces in the second term in with a deeply divided government, were on full display from guns -- >> within minutes of that horrible tragedy in newtown, the president began trying to exploit that tragedy to push a gun control agenda that is designed to appeal to partisans. >> reporter: to the nation's still-recovering economy. >> he is addicted to spending. and those are policies that will hurt our country long term. >> reporter: and tonight, a top white house adviser tells nbc news that the president has finished writing his remarks for his inaugural address tomorrow that he will deliver shortly after completing the ceremonial oath of office. and then, tomorrow night, the obamas, lester, will celebrate with two inaugural balls, compared to ten four years ago. >> all right, peter,
consultants joining us. friend and advisor of president obama. paul, you wrote an article today. you said the president should say all the right things in his speech tomorrow about coming together and about unity and go out and be ruthless. >> yes. that is the lesson of lincoln. in the first inaugural he talked about appealing to the better angels of our nature and then we went to war. he tried. president obama has tried. i think presidents have to change, try to change the culture in which they are placed. in this case, this division that we have in the country isn't going to be healed. it wasn't healed by president clinton. it wasn't healed by president bush. it has not been healed by president obama be . >> you're saying it doesn't matter what he says tomorrow. he should just be ruthless. >> i think he's got to pursue his agenda with way president lincoln did. yes, with relentless commitment. i think the central political miscalculation of his first term is he thought his mere presence would bank those partisan. >> you're going to be saying yada, yada in his head. >> i think the more e
the president and the congressional leaders he spoke about coming together. take a listen. >> in the spirit of harmony i'm proud to present the flags that flew over this battalion of democracy today, to president obama and vice president joe biden. to you gentleman, i say, congratulations and godspeed. >>reporter: the real test whether they can come together is not today with the porch and circumstance but more likely next month with the president going back to capitol hill to deliver the state of the union address. he will have more details on immigration reform, the deficit reduction plan with sharp differences between the parties. they are talking about coming together today but there will be a lot of major policy battles in the days ahead. people have been waiting on pennsylvania av parade to come by and they cannot wait to see the president. the pomp and circumstance will carry the day for now; the policy for another day. >>shepard: i work in new york and you in washington and only today did i learn that your nickname is crazy eddie spaghetti. how did that happen? chn or here? >>report
of a new term for the 44th president of the united states. >> i barack hussein obama, do solemnly swear. >> declaring his journey incomplete, the president lays out a bold second term agenda and calls a nation to action to work together. >> you and i as citizens have the obligation to shape the debates of our time. not only with the votes we cast but with the voices we lift in defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideas. >>> also tonight, everything our cameras witnessed along the way. the pageantry, the spectacular scene here in washington. and a family caught in the act of being themselves. our special coverage, "nightly news" begins now. >>> the second inauguration of barack obama. this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. reporting tonight from washington. >> and good evening from capitol hill, where president barack
." with democrats and republicans struggling to find common ground on a number of key issues, obama pushed for unity: >> "my fellow americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it - so long as we seize it together." >> reporter: he brought attention to climate change, as well as gay rights and equal pay for women. and we heard a familiar theme from the campaign trail. >> "for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it." >> reporter: and no inauguration would be complete without the president and first lady walking part of the famed parade route. then, more personal moments -- enjoying the festivities, and music, from the comfort of their viewing stand in washington, i'm tory dunnan. >> 30's right now in napa, vallejo and concord. warmer in daly city. we are expecting another beautiful day. the afternoon highs and are in the 60s for los gatos. and for the north bay, low 60s through napa and santa rosa. your full forecast, coming up. >> pam: celebrating the life of dr martin luther king on the holiday whic
for the first inaugural. dancing to al green's "let's stay together" performed by jennifer hudson, the obamas took a spin at both of the night's inaugural balls. now the president heads back to work, his second term beginning with a ceremonial oath of office. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> reporter: offered clues into his agenda, with an impassioned call for action. >> we are made for this moment and we will see that so long as we see this together -- >> reporter: the president promised a fight for immigration reform and gay rights. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> reporter: he pledged to tackle climate change and firmly defend entitlements like medicare and medicaid. >> they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risk that make this country great. >> reporter: as well as reiterating one of his immediate priorities, gun control. >> our journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of detroit to the hills of appalachia to the quiet streets of ne
the quality of our first lady. ladies and gentlemen, my better half and my dance partner, michelle obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> so what was their first song? any guesses? we know the president likes this one. ♪ i so in love with you >> we all remember the president singing al green's classic "let's stay together" at a fund raiser last year. so really, was there a better choice? jennifer hudson straight from their hometown of chicago did the honors. ♪ i'm so in love with you ♪ whatever you want to do ♪ is all right with me >> the first family and their amazing kids. that's next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. whatever your business challenge, we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank tak
in the clouds and he's not backing down ♪ ♪ obama's on fire obama's on fire ♪ ♪ he's walking on fire obama's on fire ♪ ♪ whoo everybody says if he goes by, you can see the flames in his eyes ♪ ♪ watch him as he's lighting up the night everybody knows he can live with this girl ♪ ♪ together we can run the world and we're going to let it burn baby burn baby ♪ ♪ obama's on fire obama's on fire ♪ ♪ he's walking on fire ♪ obama's on fire ♪ whoo oh whoo oh whoo oh wh whoo oh whoo oh whoo oh whoo oh ♪ ♪ whoo whoo oh whoo oh whoo ♪ whoo oh whoo oh whoo ♪ he's president and he's on fire ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for having me tonight. at this incredible presidential inaugural celebration. to the obama! >> all right. you heard alicia keys. >> by the way, how good thwas that? >> that might have been the best free concert in the world. >> the fact we could hear that live and she looked stunning in that dress. >> beautiful dress, amazing voice. >> she has it all together. >> knockout. >> we have a couple of special guests. >>
and the lights were on tonight. you know, president obama received 75% of the latino vote for his re-election. it was only fitting that the who's who in the latino community would come together to say thanks for all the efforts here in november for their efforts. they kicked off with a surprise for the joe biden supporters. the vice president himself took to the stage to give thanks to the community who arguably played the biggest role in getting both him and president barack obama back in office. >> i'm just here to say thank you, we're about to begin a ride that is long overdue in terms of respect and admiration and recognition. >> actress eva longoria was today's host. she along with many other latino celebrities turned out to take part in this black tie affair celebrating the latino culture and the numbers of them who showed up to vote. >> it's a big thank you to everybody who works across the country for this particular election. you know now it is time to move the country forward. they are also sharing their host for president obama as it refers to the latino community. >> i th
together and raise taxes and cut entitlements and get a grand bargain to deal with the debt. that seems to be a lost opportunity. obama seems to be moving away from it, congress. they are going to get in these fractious squabbles over the debt ceiling but they are not going to deal with the essential problem in a meaningful way. >> i am reading robert carroll's book on lbj. jack kennedy, it looked like he was having the same problem with the congress. early on, lbj was having the same problem, that everything was being sidetracked. >> that is true. i would say this as far as what senator obama said in 2006, quoting mr. johnson. consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. there was a different attitude, and we have raise the debt ceiling 70-plus times, the congress has voted to do it, and there has always been that sense of we are not going to vote to raise the other guys debt ceiling, but there was always the understanding that we would provide the votes in the final analysis. the president's party did that. right now you have a situation where the republican party is reduced to its lo
the world. that is yours for $75. all five together for two hundred dollars if you call in rain now. 866-3594-334. as president obama announces a change in immigration policy or possibly working toward that, it is really interesting to read z's gonzalez -- juan gonzalese remarkable book. whatever you do, we ask you to do it now. your call makes a difference. you make it possible. linda has called in from ohio. there are so many gifts you can get. the democracynow.org tote bag. it does not rib ever. we carry these all over the world. there are lots of things inside. goodies we are giving you. you can get the bumper sticker. these call-in right now with a $10 contribution. every penny helps. if you want to get "the untold history of the united states a a," is yours for two hundred dollars if you call in right now. i am thinking about another person who deeply cared about independent media, a nonprofit media that profits all. his fame was aaron swartz. -- name was aaron swartz. a remarkable cyber activist who committed suicide. he is being buried today in chicago, illinois. if you want to h
you're talking about, ed, is an opportunity for businesses and washington to work together on energy. we're not seeing that. >> obama has been more energy friendly than people would like to admit. numbers back it up. production doing very, very well when he's been in office and the other thing i'm saying -- >> what about the keystone pipeline? >> nothing has come of it yet, but let me tell you there are other pipelines producing pretty well without that pipeline. we're talking 16% last year, 14% increase this year, another 10% the year after that. we're going to look at almost a 50% increase in oil production in four years in the united states so something seems to be working and it's not -- washington can't seem to stop it because the technology and the raw materials seem to be there. >> despite, despite washington. >> david, jump in here. how are you investing today? >> well, you know, we've talked about the vix earnings. right now we're coming off a trough in the third quarter. we don't expect much more earnings, for fourth-quarter earnings. vix is really contrarian indicator, a l
is quoted with a headline saying he could slow down obama's efforts on gun control. have you talked about any compromise legislation? guest: we have had good conversations in the lead up to the congress. with that discussions about different things we might work together on but not about gun control. host: immigration reform? guest: will not talk about immigration reform in the broader sense -- we have not talked about immigration reform in the broader sense. -- 55,000trying to green cards given away each year not based on job skills but based on pure luck. that was tied to a program to people that attended u.s. universities to stay in the u.s. and to use those skills to create jobs in the united states. that is one piece of the overall immigration issue. there's been somehous ideas out there. the you endorse those ideas? -- do you endorse those ideas? guest: we welcome those ideas. we want to take a look at this. we are a nation of immigrants. there is not a person that cannot go back a few generations to find somebody that came to the united states to better their lives. my grandfather
the military and came out and became a cop. what i want everybody to know and want president obama to know, i feel like our country is divided. we need to come together as one. i get to talk to kids. the lady, the mother of that evil kid that shot those kids should have had enough common sense to think, hey, you know what i should be a responsible gun owner and take these guns and lock them out. out of the house and what i want people to remember is our flag is made out of the blood of patriots, do not give up your rights because when you give up your rights you're going to fight with blood to get the rights back. and that second amendment has given us every other amendment and as a sportsman, as a cop, guns are not the problem. we need to become a better country, need to become better parents and responsible. if we're responsible americans, human beings with our case, this country with be greater. >> i want to apologize we didn't get to hear from everybody tonight. i promise we will bring you back. it's sad a lot of media outlets won't give both joining. good night. >> barbara walters in a h
together to take in the parade. they watched as floats passed by. then off to a night of galas in washington. mr. and mr. plrb pls obama expected in the commander in chief ball. and performances by alicia keys, then, on to the public ball. coming up at 6:00 on abc 7 news, we'll take a look at the role social media played that is far more prominent evidented by the tweet from church. >> today's ceremony came on the first day our nation pauses to celebrate dr. martin luther king junior. dr. king dreamed one day, every man and woman would be treated as equals. he visited a statue of king and also took his oath with one hand on the bible owned by dr. king and at the request, designing the bible. >> the city held a martin luther king junior celebration today and the legacy was bolstered by the inauguration. >> the parade is about more than music. for the family, it's a lesson in diversity. >> we're a community of multipeople people and histories. all to be respected and honored. >> this celebration is believed to be the oldest event in the east bay. >> 200 people filled the auditori
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